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Aluminium brazing sheet Packing Process

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Summary :Aluminium brazing sheet production Complex assemblies can be turned into single unit by just one pass through a brazing furnace. Aluminium brazing facilitates the joining of parts with a near-eutectic Ai-Si filler alloy the liquid temperat

1. The aluminum brazing sheet is piled up automatically on wooden pallet.

2. The aluminum brazing sheet surface have no rough edges, no scratches, no pits and dents, no damaged edges, no black and oil stain, no wrinkles, no wave, very strict edge, very good surface.

3. The aluminum brazing sheet is packed with plastic film, and packing properly.

4. The aluminum brazing sheet is firmly wrapped with plastic film.

5. The moisture proof agent is put into the plastic bag, and each packing have two bags of the agent. 

6. The aluminum brazing sheet weighs its net weight and gross weight on electronic scale.

7. The wooden case with fumigation stamp.

8. The aluminum brazing sheets are stored in clean and dry warehouse orderly.


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