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Henan Signi Aluminium Co.,LTD

Innovative expert for aluminum brazing sheet products Cladding an aluminum-silicon alloy with a aluminum brazing sheet provides an aluminum brazing alloy that has the thin walls necessary for use in automobile heat exchangers, as well as such desirable characteristics as high strength, corrosion resistance and formability. We have develop… Details +

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Application of Brazed Composite Aluminum Mater
Application of Brazed Composite Aluminum Mater

With the development of automobile lightweight technology and the requirement of energy saving and consumption reduction, 100% aluminium alloy of air conditioning heat exchange r for passenger cars in China has been promoted. Copper alloy ha.. [More]

Brazed aluminium aluminum alloy 4004 4047 4347
Brazed aluminium aluminum alloy 4004 4047 4347

Hard brazed aluminium base filler metal and aluminium alloy brazing plate . When brazing, the brazed material does not melt, and the brazing filler metal melts to fill the joints and connect the workpieces. Aluminum-based solder can be coat.. [More]




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