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clad aluminum strip sheet

Author:Frank Time:2023-05-17

clad aluminum strip sheet comprises of a core alloy clad on 1 or 2 sides with a lower melting aluminum-silicon (Al-Si) alloy. This thin layer, usually makes up 5 % to 10 % of the total thickness of the brazing sheet.
It melts and flows during the brazing process, to provide upon cooling a metallic bond between the components. It is common that the braze clad alloy are from the AA 4xxx series or more particularly AA 4343 (Al-6.8~8.2 wt.% Si).
However, if larger fillets are desirable, or if in a situation where brazing is likely to occur at lower temperatures, AA4045 is the preferred choice.

  Strips  Sheets 
Thickness  0.051mm--3.0mm 0.4mm--6.35mm
Width  6mm--1600mm 500--1600mm
Length    Max. 10000mm
Edge quality  Trimmed  Trimmed and slit; sawn 
Inside diameter 305mm, 405mm, 505mm Paper core, Aluminium core,  without core.   
Outside diameter Max. 1600mm without connect point

cladding  One side; Both sides 
cladding rate  5%, 7.5%, 10%, 13%, 15% (other clad percentages available upon request)
cladding tolerance  cladding thickness of 1.5%--<4%: +/-0.6 

cladding thickness of 4.0--6.0%: +/-1.0

cladding thickness of 6.0--<=12.0%: +/-1.5

cladding thickness of 12.0--20.0%: +/-2.0


Quality  Mill finish; for thickness 0.3--3.5mm, chemically degreased
Marking  Ink marking 

1> Tolerance according to EN and ASTM.
2> Higher thickness on request. 
3> Special dimensions , tolerances, and alloys on request. 

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