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ER3103 Aluminum MIG welding wire

Author: Time:2023-05-17

ER3103 is aluminum Mn alloy welding wire, weld metal has good corrosion resistance and higher purity of strength, can be welded and plasticity is better.
Use: used as filling materials of 3000 series aluminum manganese alloy argon arc welding and gas welding. 

Chemical Composition(%)
Mn Si Fe Al
0.9--1.5 ≤0.5 ≤0.7 The remaining

Physical Property
Melting temperature
Thermal conductivity
Linear expansion coefficient
Electric conductivity
2.73 643-654 193 23.2 50

Weld Mechanical Properties (reference value)
Tension Strength(MPa) Elongation (%)
110--150 20--30

 ER3103  Aluminium & Aluminium Alloy welding wires
Classification GB/T 10858-2008  AWS A5.10 ····       ER 3103
Typical composition in %
Si+Fe················            <0.95
Cu·················       0.05—0.20
Zn··················         <0.10
Be··················         <0.0008
Al··················          Remaining
Physical properties
 Tensile Strength Rm (Mpa)······        110-150
Elongation A5 (L0=5d0) (%)····                 20-30

Performance & Usage
ER3103 aluminum manganese welding wire used in manganese aluminum
 and other aluminum alloy by argon arc welding and oxygen - acetylene 
welding as filling materials are widely used in automobile transportation, 
petroleum chemical industry, container manufacturing, aircraft, ships and 
other highend manufacturing industry. Pwireucts have been exported to many 
countries in the world, and to win a good reputation.

Shielding gas Argon, Helium, or Argon/Helium—mixtures.
Dimensions Φ MIG—wires (mm):
1.0 ; 1.2 ; 1.6 ; 2.0 ; 2.4
TIG —wires(mm):
wire Packagings Mig wires :
S100/0.5kg 1Lb , S200/2kg , S270-S300/6kg-7kg
Tig wire ) :
5/10kg     ·······     length :1000mm

1.Before welding, the welding edge of the metal oxide and oil can be strictly removed, otherwise, it will cause
the welding seam welding bad and cause the hole, slag and other defects.
2. Welding can be used when the plate holding molten metal, to ensure weld forming.



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