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ER1070 Aluminum TIG Welding Rod

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Summary :ER1070 Aluminum TIG welding rod ER1070 is pure aluminum Rod with aluminum content 99.7% and has good corrosion resistance high thermal conductivity and conductive performance and excellent processing properties. However the strength of th

ER1070 Aluminum TIG welding  rod
ER1070 is pure aluminum Rod with aluminum content ≥99.7% and has good corrosion resistance,
high thermal conductivity and conductive performance and excellent processing properties. However,
the strength of the low.
Uses: used as pure aluminum of argon arc welding and gas welding filler material, widely used in
electrolytic aluminium bus bar and a guide rod connection and electric power, chemical, food etc. industries.

Physical Property
Density kg/dm3 Melting temperature ℃ Thermal conductivity
Linear expansion 
coefficient 10¯6/K(20-100℃)
Electric conductivity
2.7 647-685 210-230 23.5 60

Weld Mechanical Properties (reference value)
Tension Strength(MPa) Yield Strength(MPa) Elongation (%)
60-80 40-60 25-35

      ER1070  Aluminium & Aluminium Alloy welding Rods
Classification GB/T 10858-2008  AWS A5.10 ····       ER 1070
Typical composition in %
Si················            <0.2
Fe················            <0.25
Cu·················       0.04
Mn·················            <0.03
Mg·················            <0.03
Zn··················         <0.04
Ti··················         <0.03
Al··················          99.7%

Physical properties
1.Appearance: bright surface of welding Rod without oil, 
coarse surface and other unclean mark.
2.Welding performance: Feeding well, molding well with little spatter,
low noise and improvement in the quality of welding.
3.Melting range:647-658℃.
4.Bulk density: 2.7kg/dm3.
5.tensile strength:60-80MPa.
6.yield strength:40-60MPa.
Performance & Usage
It is used for pure aluminum material as a filler Rod in argon ARC welding and
 gas welding, such as electrolytic aluminum plant, electricity industry, chemical 
industry, food industry, etc.
Shielding gas Argon, Helium, or Argon/Helium—mixtures.
Dimensions Φ MIG—Rods (mm):
0.8 ; 0.9 ; 1.0 ; 1.2 ; 1.6 ; 2.0 ; 2.4
TIG —rods(mm):
1.6 ; 2.0 ; 2.4 ; 3.2 ; 4.0 ; 5.0 ; 6.0
Rod Packagings Mig Rods :
S100/0.5kg 1Lb , S200/2kg , S270-S300/6kg-7kg
Tig Rod ) :
5/10kg     ·······     length :1000mm

1.welding should be strict and clear the edge of the welding of the oxide film and oil, otherwise it will cause
welding seam welding and cause the hole, slag and other defects.
2 welding can be used for holding molten metal plate, in order to ensure the weld forming, and avoid hot crack.

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