Rolling technology of claddding aluminum foil

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Automobile heat exchangers include radiators air coolers condensers and evaporators mainly using various specifications of plates strips foils welded pipes. The traditional automotive heat exchangers are made of copper and tin. Howeve

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Automobile heat exchangers include radiators, air coolers, condensers and evaporators, mainly using various specifications of plates, strips, foils, welded pipes. The traditional automotive heat exchangers are made of copper and tin. However, the development of automobiles towards lightweight has led to the wide application of composite/claddding brazing aluminum foil in automotive heat exchangers. The composite brazed aluminum foil is made of AL-Mn core material, and the two solder is coated with AL-Si solder.

Aluminum alloy has a series of excellent characteristics. The main way to realize the lightweight of automobile is to improve the degree of Aluminization of automobile materials. For example, the weight of automotive radiator can be reduced by 37-45% by replacing copper foil with composite/claddding brazing aluminum foil. Therefore, the Aluminization rate of other parts of automotive heat exchangers such as radiators, air coolers, condensers and evaporators in developed countries has reached more than 95%. However, most domestic automotive radiators still use copper foil, which needs to be replaced urgently. Although composite brazing aluminum foil is used in automotive radiators manufactured with advanced technology from abroad, most of them can only rely on imports at present. At present, China's automobile industry is in an excellent period of unprecedented development, which is a good opportunity for the aluminum processing industry. Experts suggest that the state should focus on supporting the construction projects of aluminum alloy materials for automotive industry; aluminum processing enterprises should also seize the opportunity to increase investment to expand the application of aluminum in automotive industry, and make contributions to the realization of new automotive materials localization. The state encourages Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs to invest in the production of composite/claddding brazing aluminum foill for automotive radiators with high added value and good market prospects, which is urgently needed for the localization of automotive materials, so as to meet the requirements of China's rapid development of automotive industry and ease the tension between supply and demand at home. It also has great economic and social benefits for saving energy, improving environment and improving vehicle performance.

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